We first determine the area that requires coverage and designate a home point for a Ground Control Hub.  This home point can be a local fire station or a central location in the community. An ArcherFRS technician then travels to the physical site to survey the coverage area and collect 1000s of unobstructed "AED drop point" coordinates.  We then tailor the system specific to that location and its approved "AED drop points" and create pre-programed flight paths to each point.    



Once a system has been fully prepared to service a coverage area and its "AED drop points", we perform a hardware install.  An ArcherFRS technician will travel on site and install a Ground Control Hub at the previously defined home point.  Once the Ground Control Hub is in place and connected to a power source, the first response multi-rotor vehicle is calibrated and placed inside the Ground Control Hub.  A full system test will be performed and, upon technician approval, the hardware install will be complete. 


24/7 System Monitoring

We constantly monitor every system we install 24 hours a day 7 days a week.  This allows us to maintain consistent nominal operating parameters while providing valuable feedback for preventative and proactive maintenance.  We ensure that our systems are ready to transport our life-saving payload to a victim in need at any given moment.




As part of our service we provide ongoing maintenance for the installed system in its entirety.   We ensure that both the defibrillator inside the system and the multi-rotor is properly maintained and ready to be used at any given time.  This will relieve community or EMS staff of such responsibility and reassure residents that the equipment is up to date and ready to be used. 



System Reset

Once an Archer System has been activated and the defibrillator has been delivered, the multi-rotor will fly back to its hub.  The system will, at this point, require a full reset which includes: New batteries in the defibrillator, new leads in the defibrillator, payload reset, multi-rotor reset and system check, and hub reset.  An Archer tech will travel on site and perform the full system reset as an included part of our service.