Over 8 Square Miles.

Under 3 minutes.



The Archer First Response System:

System Hub

Our system Hubs are autonomous housing units that we install directly into a central location within a target community.  They are extremely durable, completely weather proof, and elegantly designed.  We countersink a portion of the hub below ground as to reduce the amount of visible hardware- what remains above ground is rounded, clean, and will not detract from, but instead, add to the aesthetics of the community.   



The multi-rotor within the system is a large hex-rotor capable of stable and reliable flight even during harsh conditions.   The unit is agile and athletic and its top speed of 18m/s allows coverage of over 8 square miles.  


Archer First Response Systems come standard with an industry leading Automated External Defibrillator.  A Heartsine Samaritan 350p/360p/450 Automated External Defibrillator is included within our systems.  The payload can also include first response bandages and other customizable first response equipment to suit you community's needs. 

Mobile Application

The Archer First Response Systems Mobile application enables interaction with the system.  The app is simplistic and contains an activation button that must be held for 5 consecutive seconds to activate a system.  Once active, the application automatically places a 911 call from the activation device.  A device must be within range of a system for activation to occur and a status indicator within the app notifies users if they are within range.  We also include CPR technique details within the app. 







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