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Archer First Response Systems utilize the athleticism of multi-rotor Unmanned Air Systems(UAS) to efficiently and effectively transport consumer first response equipment such as an A.E.D., Epipen, or first aid supplies. Our dynamic solution can carry life saving equipment up to 12 square miles in three minutes or less. 

The system is holistic, turnkey, fully autonomous and works well in active adult, and golfing based communities, large resorts, theme parks, and universities.  A victim or a passerby need only press an activation button on their smart device to activate a system.

 The activation device relays its GPS coordinates to the installed ground control station.  The GCS picks through thousands of pre-programed flight paths and chooses the one nearest the victim.  The system quickly ascends and starts its flight to the victim.  Lastly, the UAS descends, releases the equipment and then hovers over the victim at an altitude of 160 to 200 feet, making it easier for first responders to find the victim.