Q. How much will it cost to cover my community? 

A.  One system is capable of covering just over 8 square miles.  If your community is larger than this it may require two or more systems.  The Archer First Response System can be leased for $1500/month with a three year commitment.  We also charge a one time installation fee of between $500-$2000 depending on project site size.  


Q.  Do you lease to individual homes?

A. No.  We lease directly to Home Owners Associations.  We tailor each system to the community as a whole, this also allows the price to be split between each HOA member. 


Q. How quickly can a system deliver a defibrillator? 

A.   Each system can cover up to 8 square miles in 3 minutes or less.  


Q. Do we as a community need to do anything to maintain the system? 

A. No- Archer First Response Systems maintains the system in its entirety.  We remotely monitor the each system 24/7 and immediately dispatch a technician should a problem arise.  We also do on-site maintenance checks to ensure the defibrillator is functional. 


Q. Are you on-boarding investors at this time? 

A. Yes- If you are an interested investor please submit a message through the "Contact Us" form.