A Life Saving Deployment System For First Response Emergencies


Our Mission

Sudden Cardiac Arrest is one of the leading causes of death today.   For every minute a Cardiac Arrest victim goes without defibrillation their likelihood of survival decreases by roughly 10%.   A victim usually has between 3-4 minutes to receive treatment before brain damage will occur and it is within this precious time crunch that most victims lose their lives.  We at Archer sought out a solution that could make AED implementation more efficient and reduce treatment times.   It has since been our mission to create a turnkey solution to rapid AED transit and to provide a better chance at surviving Sudden Cardiac Arrest.  


The Problem

Automated External Defibrillators (AED) are extremely effective in treating Sudden Cardiac Arrest.  The proliferation and proper use of AEDs can and has helped to reduce the number of fatal Sudden Cardiac Arrest episodes.  The more than 300,000 annual deaths in the United states alone however, lends credibility to the fact that there are still short-comings in their implementation.  Traditional AED implementation is as simple as mounting a unit to a wall in a clubhouse, gym, or other central structure.  These static defibrillators must then be located, fetched, and carried to a victim in need.   This standard paradigm is inconsistent, ineffective, and makes treating a victim just a few hundred yards away nearly impossible.  

Our Solution

Archer First Response Systems provides a Life-saving service for cardiac and other first response emergencies. We utilize the athleticism of Multi-rotor Unmanned air systems to quickly transport an AED, CPR mask, and other first response equipment to a victim in need.  Our goal is to have a substantial impact on the number of Sudden Cardiac Arrest and other fatalities in communities by revolutionizing the way a Sudden Cardiac Arrest event is handled.  By dispatching a lifesaving first response equipment directly to the scene of a Sudden Cardiac Arrest event, our system enables a rescuer to focus on performing effective CPR and forego the timely and inconsistent AED/equipment retrieval process.   By simply activating an Archer First Response System with a mobile device or 911 dispatch input, a rescuer will simultaneously hail an AED to their location, place a 911 phone call, notify other community members of the situation, and provide a visible landmark for EMS personnel to easily identify.   Once activated, our centrally located Archer First Response System Ground Control Hub opens, our Multi-rotor flies a pre-programmed flight path to a drop coordinate nearest the site of activation,  drops its payload, stably hovers over the scene to act as a visual beacon for EMS personnel, and then returns home to a secure landing location.  An Archer First Response System provides 10 square miles of  blanket AED coverage in under 3 minutes.  



"We here at Archer First Response Systems are working to make communities more resilient to fatal Sudden Cardiac Arrest than ever before"